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Powerline FAQS:

Q1.Can you add additional powerline devices to network?

Answer: Yes you can. I tied 4 of these into an 8,000 sqft house, connected them all to wireless routers with the same name and now I've got full signal all throughout the house.

Q2: How secure this is? I assume it is not just limited to your house's internal circuit. Could it be accessed from outside the internal house circuit?

Answer: Obviously if someone were to tap into your house circuitry (such as plug into an outside wall outlet) they would have access to the data path (it won't go beyond the house because of the home isolation transformer). However, since the two units establish a common private key encoding as part of their setup, unless the outside person had an identical unit and was plugged in at the very time your's established their pairing (very unlikely) the third unit would see nothing but gibberish

Q3: Has anyone tried this setup with an extra wireless router at the end?

Answer: Yes, that's how I set mine up. I extended my internet via the power cables (through the outlets with these adapter and sync'd the two adapters together). Then you simply plug an Ethernet cable into the second adapter (in the area you want better wireless reception), and connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to the input jack of a wireless router. Then you can use that router as a new internet access point in your house, as you're broadcasting a separate strong wireless signal from that area, as if the main internet line was run directly into that room. I went from a room that only had 1 wireless bar, as devices were trying to reach the primary router further away, to full bars when I connected the devices in that room to the secondary router. This is really a clever device. I never knew you could transform your power cables into a kind of Ethernet line. It's simple to install and extends your internet coverage around a big house. I believe you can connect multiple adapters, if you need to add additional routers as well. I only needed one to cover a detached room outside our main house.

Q4: whats better 10/100/1000 m port or 10/100 m port

Answer1: It depends what you intend to use it for. If you only connect to the internet through it (and your internet is less than 100 mbps), 10/100 may be enough. If you want to connect to local hardware (for example a media server, or an NAS in your home), I would recommend the 10/100/1000

Answer2: No answer specifically covered it, so I'll toss in the technical answer. the 10/100/1000 is megabits per second. Internet service generally is measure in megabits as well, so the 10/100 in general should be sufficient for any internet needs for most people... depending on how many devices would be using the power line adapter. There's 8 bits per byte, so in terms of megaBYTEs (how file size is normally measured) per second it is 1.2/12.5/125MB. That's the technical limit of each speed. Realistically you won't reach those actual speeds unless compression is involved. To give a number for comparison, Netflix's recommendation for their ultra HD streaming is 25 Megabits/sec. So 100Mb/s in theory is plenty. Where you would benefit from the 1000m (other than future proofing) is if you do a lot of transferring across your home network, such as a home media server or backing up tons of data to a separate pc/server on your network.

Q5: If I want to connect 3 computers, can I buy two starter kits or do I need to buy one starter kit + two single adapters?

Answer: Buy two starter kits which will give you 4 adapters, one for the router and three for the computers.

Q6: Does this work plugged into a powerbar or must this be directly plugged into the wall outlet?

Answer: If the power bar is just multiple outlets, with no surge suppression, it's fine. But a surge suppressor will filter out the signal and greatly lessen its range.

Q7: Can anyone tell a novice exactly what this is for- how it works-thanks

Answer: It turns your house's AC electric wiring into one BIG ethernet network, and it's 128-bit AES ENCRYPTED to boot! It works just as easily and instantly as if you strung a very long Ethernet wire through your house from your router to your computer. What's better, you can connect up to EIGHT of these devices and put them ANYWHERE in your house for every computer (or other Ethernet-connectable device) that you have. No passwords or complex installation ala wi-fi either. These babies are one of the biggest SECRETS in the whole computer universe, and these are the highest rated and priced to kill. Go get 'em!

Q8: Do they work if the two outlets are not in the same circuit?

We need a definition of "circuit." Is being on a different breaker a different "circuit?" Technically, yes. But are those two circuits close enough to each other that the signal won't be noticeably degraded? Many people report that is the case. Maybe the better caution is to make sure it is running of the same electric meter. Or if it separated by one or more breakers, expect a certain percentage of capacity reduction. Experience seems to be all over the place and distance, even on the same breaker, has some impact. But overall, it maintains most of its capacity across breakers

Q9: How many can you use? I know 2 works as usual? But what about if I have 4 computers in 4 different rooms?

Answer: I got one plugged in my router, and 3 different computers in different rooms plugged in similar units, and they all are working perfectly. I'm pretty sure that fourth computer wouldn't be a problem either. I hope this solution works out for you!

Q10: Does the ethernet cable from the router need to remain plugged into this device ?

Answer: Yes, a cable will be required to be plugged into the one closest to the router at all times. It is not wireless.

Q11: Would this work with a POE (power over ethernet) camera?

Answer: Haven't tried ti but it should work just fine as long as the POE injector is between the 7inova and the camera.

Q12: I have a whole house surge protector at the electrical panel. Will these work ok?

Answer: I think it depends if the surge protector is on the mainline or on the individual circuits. I do not see it interfering if the surge protector is on the line beween the street and the panel but if its on each individual circuit I believe it will interfere.

As a side note whole house surge protectors are very rare. And these devices do not run on surge protectors well because they filter the power which will degrade if not ruin the signal between the devices, they need an untouched connection between them

WiFi Extender FAQs

Q1: Does it need a phone wire connected to router, or do you just plug into wall outlet

Answer: Just plug in to wall outlet but needs some setup. if your router/modem have a WPS Button it's very easy. Plug 7inova 7W310/7W310A to a/c outlet near your router and 1st push WPS Button on the router, 2nd push WPS Button on 7W310. few minutes later all lights will turns green on 7W310/7W310A. Now relocate 7W310/7W310A about half way between router and your PC. When you scan for wifi signal, you will see same wifi sgnal name with extender is from 7W310/7W310A.

Q2: Can it be used to extend the range of any brand of wifi access points or is it limited to 7inova?

Answer: Yes, it isn't brand specific. We use it to extend a our brand router and other brand.

Q3: Can this act in bridge mode only? I do not need it to re-broadcast the wireless signal, just provide internet access via the ethernet port.

Answer: Yes, absolutely. That is one of the modes of operation described in the manual.

Q4: What is the actual distance this item reaches?

Answer: Very difficult to answer as that can be different based on the layout and construction of your home, as well as where exactly you place it. It should be on par with any standard 'N' router which 'should' does about 230 feet indoor (obviously notreality). see the chart at the bottom on this wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEEE_802.11n-2009#Timeline

Q5: does this have to be plug into the router with ethernet cable to work

Answer: No you don't have to plug it into your router, however you must link it utilizing the WPS button on the router and have to plug it in next to the router so that it will pair and upon the light turning green you can move it to the location you want as long as it can receive the signal in the location you place it in.

Q6: Will this help with my ps3? I have a laggy connection when i play it

Answer: I would guess it would. I use it for my smart tv and it seems to make a difference.

Q7: Will this work as a wireless point to plug in an ethernet cable for a voip phone like vonage?

Answer: Technically it can but wireless points may have fluctuations in data transfer for voip QOS. (Quality of service) I would say if you have extremely strong broadband with great upload speed then it should work fine since it's just repeating the signal. And the bandwidth is plenty for VOIP

If your router has the ability to create multiple channels, I would create one specific channel so that the repeater would only be dedicated for the required bandwidth if you start using other internet services such as Netflix or heavy downloads. This would keep your VOIP dedicated to what's required to run it.

Q8: Is the 7inova n300 wi-fi range extender (7W310/7W310A) good for smart tv and video game console?

Answer: Yes it's just like you regular WiFi I use it with everything. Even a fire stick

Q9: Can I use two of these? Wi-fi in our house doesn't extend to detached garage (hubby's man cave) or to front yard.

Answer: As long as the 7inova is able to receive a signal from the router, it can amplify that/those signals to whatever he has in the M.C.

Q10: is this a router?

Answer: No, it only extends the range, and it works with your existing router.

Q11: Does this extender reach 100 feet from the wifi box

Answer: I was able to get about that but only through two walls (between two houses). Your mileage may vary. Edit: Realistically it would depend on your wifi box (base router). The way to be able to tell if it will work is to put a wifi capable device near where you would mount this range extender and see if it can pick up the wireless signal. If it can, this should too

Q12: What is the difference between 7W310A and 7W310?

Answer: Actually both model are with same specs and setting, just there are two external antennas for the 7W310A that ensure better performance than 7W310.

3dbi antenna gain than 7W310, it means that enlarge the power source as 3 times in same distance.

WiFi adapater FAQs:

Q1: does it receive the wifi from my router, or is this like another router.

Answer: It's just like having a wireless card in your machine. It picks up the signal from your wireless router. I plugged it in and then it installed itself. Then I pick my Wi-Fi from the list and then it asked for my password to the wireless signal.

Q2: Will this work with windows 7 32 bits?

Answer: Yes it will work. Just be sure to install the software before you plug it in.

Q3: If this is how I'm going to get wifi to my computer how can I install the software withou internet connection

Answer: It comes with a mini CD disk. Also, if your computer has a USB port, it will more than likely have an Ethernet port, which you connect to your router or modem.

Q4: what is the device's signal range?

Answer: It's doing very well for me at ninety feet from Cisco router - with a couple of stud and Gypsum board walls in between.

Q5: I have ethernet, will this allow my computer to recieve a wireless WiFi signal?

Answer: Yes. You're computer is currently connected to your router via an ethernet cable. When you install this Wifi Adapter, and follow the directions correctly, this antenna will allow your computer to receive wireless signals, and then connect to the internet wirelessly.

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